Parenting is a difficult job.  Each child is unique and responds differently to the world around him.  How do we raise self-confident, resilient and empathetic children in this fast-paced society? How do we find the balance between supportive parenting and overparenting?

The Canadian Parent Coach is available to help you navigate this difficult job.

  1. Learn strategies to ease your morning routines.
  2. Stop temper tantrums and whining.
  3. Enjoy children that listen and respond.
  4. Find a balance between “screen time” and play.
  5. Discover tips to help your child with the transition to kindergarten.
  6. Develop strategies to address picky eaters and consistent “snackers”.
  7. Make toilet training a positive experience.
  8. Learn strategies to ease separation anxiety.
  9. Find out how to select a great daycare and monitor its effectiveness.
  10. Enjoy children that sleep through the night!  Feel rested in the morning.
  11. Foster sibling relationships that create a peaceful home environment.
  12. Understand the effects of cell phone use and social media on our children.  Learn how to manage their influences positively.
  13. Strengthen your relationships with your children.
  14. Feel respected.
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